The Blues


Feel "down," "depressed," "sad" for a day or two or even a week. Feel very "down," "depressed," "sad" for weeks on end.
May eat more or less, sleep more or less, feel tired for a day or two or a week, but can do what needs to be done. Gain or lose weight without trying, excessive sleep or lack of it interferes with ability to function, can't do what needs to be done no matter what
Think, "If I keep busy or get lots of sleep or exercise, I will feel better." Person is able to act on these thoughts to feel better. Person believes that nothing can change the way they feel, and nothing interests them.
Person has a sense that this will pass; tomorrow or next week will be better. Person feels hopeless that anyone can make this better--not themselves, and not anyone or anything else.
Even though things are bad now, the person knows he or she has much to contribute when he/she feels better. Person has a profound sense of worthlessness and/or guilt.
Though it's difficult, if the person really tries hard, he/she can think, evaluate, and make decisions. Person's thought processes are slowed, concentration is impaired, and the simplest decisions seem impossible.


The Blues Depression
Person might think for a moment, "If I were dead, I wouldn't have to deal with this," but the thought passes. Person thinks of what it would be like to be dead, may wish he/she was dead, or may think of ways to die or ways to kill himself/herself.


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