MissionEverything we do is focused on you, the people we serve daily. We want to make sure your needs are met, and we invite you to contact us when they are not being met.

As Ball State University Dining, our mission is to provide services that enhance the campus experience by exhibiting excellence in the production and service of food that is nutritious, wholesome, attractive, delicious, and of good value, thus meeting the needs of students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Our vision statement:
Exceeding our customers’ expectations is our number one priority and the focus of all that we do.

What we value:
  • Our customers; they are why we exist
  • Our employees as our number one resource and the pillar of our success and excellence in all that we do
  • Sensitivity and recognition of special considerations for ethnicity, culture, religion, physical limitations, and medical needs
  • Open and direct communication to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation training and development; a lifelong journey to learn, to grow, and to develop personal satisfaction and enjoyment