Off-Campus Students

Dining's meal plans aren’t just for students living on campus. We also offer plans for off-campus and commuting students who want convenient meals, snacks, and beverages. Block 25, 50, 75, and 100 plans can be purchased at any time and can be used throughout the academic year. If you run out, you can purchase another block at any time. (Purchasing discounted Supplemental Dining Plus, discussed below, is another option if you find yourself running out of meals.) The Any 5 Meal Plan is a one-semester plan that you may purchase each semester.

Meal Plan Meals Dining Plus*  2014-15 Price

Meal Block 25     

pick any 25 meals             



Meal Block 50  

pick any 50 meals  



Meal Block 75 

pick up to 75 meals 



Meal Block 100    

pick any 100 meals 



Any 5 Meals Plan 

pick any 5 meals per week 

$50 Dining Plus per semester 

$661 per semester 

* Dining Plus provided with these plans expires at the end of the academic year; Supplemental Dining Plus, discussed below, does not expire until you leave the university.

In these plans, you choose what combination of meals you want to eat. Each breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal has an assigned dollar amount called a meal card equivalency, and at each meal you may buy items that together total less than or equal to these amounts. If you go over the amount allotted, you may use Dining Plus or another form of payment to pay the difference. Any unused dollar value at a meal is lost; it does not roll over to the next meal period. You may only use one meal from your plan per meal time period

Meal equivalencies for the 2014-15 academic year:

  • breakfast, $4.65
  • lunch, $8.20
  • dinner, $8.20

You can purchase supplemental Dining Plus amounts to add to your plan at a significant discount.

Check out the hours meals are offered to decide which plan is right for you. The weekly meal plans begin with the breakfast meal period on Sunday and extend to the dinner meal period on the following Saturday. These plans are not valid during university vacation periods.

Purchase your 2014-15 commuter/off-campus meal plan using our online form.

Important note: Because all meal plans and on-campus housing are applied for in the same online system, the initial screens will appear to take you to a housing contract; however, you are in the right place! Once in the system, click the options for off-campus/commuter meal plans, and you will be taken to the correct contract.

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