Tools for Making Healthy Choices


If you're looking for nutrition facts, allergen information, or help identifying healthy choices on our menus, NetNutrition is for you. With NetNutrition, you can see nutrition facts for Ball State Dining menu items; build meals around certain nutritional goals, such as the number of calories or fat grams you want to consume in a day; and do side-by-side nutrition fact comparisons of menu items. 

NetNutrition also serves as an online menu.  Please follow these important steps to use NetNutrition as an online menu.

If you encounter any difficulties or errors in information, we would appreciate your feedback at dining@bsu.edu.

Healthy Choices Guide

Looking for healthy choices on campus? The Healthy Choices Guide helps you locate your favorite wholesome, fresh BSU Dining menu items. See all the places we're serving up stir-fries, custom salads and sandwiches, fresh fruit, and other nutrition-conscious dining choices.

Individual Dietary Needs

Do you have individual dietary needs (e.g., food allergies, lactose-intolerance, gluten intolerance, vegan diet)? BSU Dining can help.