Healthy Choices Guide

Looking for a specific healthy dining choice on campus? This guide is designed to provide location information for some of our most popular health-conscious menu items.

Custom Salads
Choose from various lettuce/spinach mixes, a wide variety of vegetables, lean meats, fruits, nuts, and low-fat/low-calorie dressings.

Boar’s Head Deli (The Atrium in AJ)
Courtside (LaFollette Square)
Elliott Dining
Noyer Centre Food Mall
*Quiznos (Student Rec and Wellness Center)
Spinning Salad (Woodworth Commons) 
Tally Food Court (Student Center)
Tom John Food Shop (Kinghorn Hall)

  *ask to customize existing menu options 

Custom Sandwiches
Build your own sandwich with a wide selection of lean meats, fresh-cut vegetables, calcium-rich cheeses, and whole-grain bread options.

Boar’s Head Deli (The Atrium in AJ)
Deli World (Woodworth Commons)
Market Deli (Noyer Centre Food Mall)
Quiznos (Student Rec and Wellness Center)—check out the under 500 calories menu!
Tom John Food Shop (Kinghorn Hall)

Custom Stir-Fries
Choose lean meats or seafood, tofu, or vegetarian options.

Elliott Dining
Noyer Centre Food Mall
El Fire Dragon (Woodworth Commons on M, W, F, Sat)

Fresh Fruit
All Dining locations and convenience areas offer fresh fruit, either whole or in fruit cups.

High-Protein/Energy Items

Quiznos convenience area
Jamba Juice—fruit smoothies and energy boosts
All Dining convenience areas offer protein bars and other grab-and-go energy boosting items