Campus Life

Diversity at Ball State

At Ball State, we are strongly committed to diversity. Our students come from across the country and around the world. Some come from small, rural towns, some from big cities such as Chicago or New York, and others from the ‘burbs. They think, act, dress, and talk in their own unique way, and the differing ideas and points of view they bring to the classroom are a big part of what makes Ball State such an interesting place.

We have several multicultural organizations

 on campus, as well as a Multicultural Center that offers programs and events throughout the year. We also have more than 25 religious organizations that are affiliated with most of the major religions in America so students can celebrate spirituality. All faiths are welcome, and many students participate in groups that meet for study, worship, and service projects.

In addition, our Rinker Center for International Programs provides services to international students, houses study-abroad programs, and sponsors events that will allow you to experience cultures from all over the world without the hassle of jet lag. (Though we bet once your curiosity is piqued, the jet lag will seem part of the adventure.)

Our Office of Institutional Diversity promotes policies and practices that support campus diversity, and students with disabilities can find specialized services through Disability Services.