The encumbrance program is a service that Ball State University provides to fraternities and sororities. It allows them to hold members accountable for their Greek housing financial obligations by placing a hold on the member's academic record.  This prohibits the member from making changes to his/her schedule and requesting transcripts until the debt is paid. 

Any Greek organization is eligible to utilize this service as long as they follow the right steps. Do you have questions about the encumbrance program?  Read the policy or the frequently asked questions.

Encumbrance Policy Forms

Need to put a hold on a member's record?  Use the Encumbrance Submittal Form to put a hold on a member’s records and the Encumbrance Removal Form to remove a hold from a member’s records.

Encumbrance Policy Samples and Templates

Never used grade encumbrace before?  Don't worry it is easy to set up. 

The Financial Agreement Sample is an example of a financial agreement that can be used for all housing related financial obligations for members that do not live in the house (for example, parlor fees, out of house fees, house savings fees, etc.) A chapter can place a hold on a member’s records for failure to pay these types of fees as well. Use the Financial Agreement Template to create a financial agreement for your chapter.  In order to place a hold on a member’s records for failure to pay these types of fees, the chapter must have signed documentation like this or something similar.

The 15 Day Notification Letter Sample is an example of the documentation that must be sent to a member 15 days prior to placing a hold on his/her records.  Use the 15 Day Notification Letter Template to create a notification letter for your chapter.