Aren’t fraternities and sororities just like the ones in the movies and on TV?

The image of Greek life is often defined by individuals without complete information. Fictional accounts from Greeks, Animal House, Revenge of the Nerds, Stomp the Yard, Legally Blonde, Old School, or even Road Trip as well as some stories in the news media tend to exaggerate or distort the social aspect of Greek life and do not always show all aspects of fraternity and sorority membership.

The social aspect of Greek life is one of the many reasons that students get involved in fraternities and sororities. However, alcohol and substance abuse are taken seriously and proactive measures such as educational workshops on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse are administered on a semester basis. Ball State fraternities and sororities educate their members about the procedures necessary to ensure a safe environment at events; included in this education is the Greek community alcohol policy that outlines expectations on possession, use and consumption of alcohol at chapter houses and fraternity and sorority events. We do not tolerate hazing because it has no place in organizations based on mutual respect and shared values.