Students living in University Apartments may request a transfer to another apartment at the end of their lease. You must sign a renewal contract in order to be eligible for a transfer.   

Please follow the information below to request a transfer:

The transfer policy is stated in the contract Conditions of Occupancy, D.7., and states: “No transfers are permitted between apartments except for upgrade/downgrade, unless the UNIVERSITY, in its sole discretion, determines special circumstances exist which warrants an exception.  A transfer fee will be assessed.  If a transfer results in the vacancy of a formerly occupied unit, a transfer fee of $200 will be assessed.”  

Requesting a transfer does not guarantee that you will be permitted to transfer. Transfers are limited to one per year. If you have transferred in the last 12 months, you may not be permitted to transfer again.  

Fees: If the transfer results in an apartment vacancy which changes the total apartment occupancy, the transfer charge is $200. If the transfer does not change occupancy, the fee is $20.

Roommate Information: If you currently have a roommate who will not be transferring with you, you will be required to obtain your roommate’s permission. The remaining roommate will be responsible for full rent two weeks after the transfer is complete. If they choose to not agree to the transfer, we cannot permit a transfer.  If you choose to move into an apartment already occupied by a roommate, you will be accepting the apartment in its current condition as well as being responsible for the condition of the apartment when you vacate.  UA staff will not clean the apartment if you are unhappy with the condition. It is very strongly recommended that you check the apartment in advance and discuss any concerns with your potential roommate.   

Transfer Process Information:

  • If a transfer is offered, you will have one week from the date you pick up your key to move, clean your current apartment, and return your old apartment key(s) to the University Apartments Office. If you fail to complete the transfer within one week, a $25.00 per day late charge will be assessed for each day you are late. If you have a spouse/domestic partner, a second key cannot be issued until the old apartment keys are returned.  
  • The apartment you vacate must be left in good condition. If you fail to leave the apartment clean and damage free, you will be charged appropriately.
  • Transfers are not available to residents who are delinquent in their rent or have some other policy violation (pet, unauthorized resident, poor housekeeping, etc).