Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does an MA do?

The MA is assigned to work with three to five different halls/communities. The MAs work together as a staff team to put on three campus-wide programs per semester. Each MA also creates and updates bulletin boards about multiculturalism and diversity as required by their supervisors.

Question: What are you looking for in MA candidates?

In order to meet the needs of the diverse halls and communities, Multicultural Advisors require many different skills. The following are some to consider: ability to work on a team, interpersonal communication skills, ability to relate well to others, presentation abilities, facilitation skills, positive attitude, and creativity.

Question: What GPA must I maintain to remain in the MA position?

A 2.5 cumulative GPA or better must be maintained to be a MA.

Question: Where will I live if I am hired?

Housing and Residence Life staff determine the work assignment of the MA to one of four areas of campus, based on student needs and the skills of the MAs hired. These areas usually consist of four to five residence halls. The MAs are traditionally assigned to live in one of the halls within their assigned area. The MAs often live in LaFollette, Johnson, Noyer, and Woodworth complexes.

Question: Who would be my supervisors?

Housing and Residence Life assigns a Residence Hall Director and Assistant Resident Hall Director as the two MA supervisors for the academic year. This is usually determined before the MA selection process.

Question: How many hours can I be registered for without approval from my supervisors?

A MA may not carry more than 18 credit hours per semester unless prior permission is received from his/her supervisors and the associate director of Housing and Residence Life.

Question: Can I hold a second job?

A MA is permitted to hold a second job with prior written approval from your supervisors. Only on-campus positions will be considered.

Question: Can I join a student organization or Greek organization?

In consultation with his/her supervisors, a MA may be permitted to join outside activities. Sometimes joining an organization can be a major responsibility that takes a MA out of the residence halls.

Question: Can I student teach or intern as a MA?

Due to the time commitments for a MA and the requirements to complete an internship or student teaching experience, MAs may not participate in such academic programs.

Question: Do you have to be of minority status to be an MA?

The MA position is open to everyone who wants to apply. Students are hired based on facilitation skills, time management, passion for issues of diversity, ability to work within a team, strong work ethic, and desire to learn from the experience.

Question: Can I be a MA for only one semester?

A MA is hired for the complete academic year from August through May. If a MA resigns before the end of his/her employment dates, a letter explaining the circumstances will be placed in the MA's permanent employment file. All policies regarding residency requirements and cancellation fees will apply.

Question: Why is the process so long?

In order to identify and select the best candidates for the position, we also use multiple time consuming opportunities to observe and assess the candidate performance in the EDHI 200 class, interviews, and the group process. This group process takes place between the first round interviews and the second round interviews. The MA position requires a high level of team work with planning campus-wide programs. The MA position also requires the ability to facilitate discussions or present on topics of social justice, diversity, and multiculturalism. Most importantly, it requires a passion for issues of multiculturalism and diversity.


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