The Summer Resident Assistant (RA) is responsible for the development of a residence hall community consisting of approximately 30-60 students. The Resident Assistant is a staff member of the Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) and reports directly to a supervisor who is an assistant residence hall director or residence hall director.

Position Requirements

  • Enrollment in Summer School (no more than 6 credit hours per session)
  • Work outside the Office of Housing and Residence Life is not permitted
  • Hold at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average
  • Live in the residence hall as assigned by the Office of Housing and Residence Life during the time of employment
  • Be in good standing with the Office of Housing and Residence Life
  • Be available to work at least two weekends per month and holidays
  • Be available to work both summer sessions 

General Responsibilities

  • Act as a community facilitator using the Housing and Residence Life Intended Learning Outcomes and programming
  • Actively support and demonstrate the HRL Mission and Diversity Statements
  • Communicate, role model, and consistently enforce the HRL handbook policies by facilitating and influencing the development of mature behavior
  • Serve as a source of information concerning university procedures, housing services and policies, and make referrals when appropriate to other campus and community agencies
  • Report all emergencies and student incidents to their supervisor(s)
  • Prepare hall for transition to Summer School from academic year operation and from Summer School operation to academic year operation

Desk/Administration Responsibilities

  • Provide effective and quality customer service

  • Must work 15-20 hours per week at the residence hall desk

  • Work desk shifts in accordance to the supervisor's expectations

  • Participate in opening and closing hall preparation for each summer session.

  • Facilitate resident check-in and check-out.

  • Abide by all desk staff expectations, complete room inventories and public area inventories for the hall

  • Construct and maintain hall bulletin boards, informational signs, and other decorations as directed 

Meeting Responsibilities

  • Attend all staff meetings as deemed necessary by your assistant hall director or hall director
  • Attend any training, individual or staff meeting your assistant hall director or hall director deems appropriate

Duty Responsibilities

  • Be on duty as assigned. Duty nights will be assigned at the beginning of each summer session.

  • Be the first contact person in the event of a guest concern or emergency. There will be a director on duty to serve as a resource person.

  • Complete at least three sets of rounds and be visible in the hall during duty coverage


  • Salary equal to full room, limited board (meals), and a stipend of $130 per summer session
  • Additional compensation of $7.25/hour for time worked at the front desk
  • Opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience and skills in personal interaction and growth
  • Air conditioner installed at no cost 
  • MicroFridge and bike locker available upon request at no charge