Desk staff are often times the first person a guest comes in contact with in the summer while attending orientation or a camp/conference at Ball State University. A desk staff members’ primary responsibility is efficient and quality customer service to the guest. They are staff members of the Office of Housing and Residence Life and are supervised by a Housing & Residence Life professional staff member.


  • Desk staff must have a 2.0 GPA and submit a referral form before being interviewed.
  • Must have lived 1 semester in a residence hall on Ball State’s campus.
  • Must be available for employment May 23, 2017- August 6, 2017.
  • Must be available to work about 40/hours a week June 21 – July 2, 2017 and July 30– August 6, 2017 as vacation time will not be granted for these dates.
  • Attend all staff meetings as deemed necessary by the supervising hall director (on average 1/week).
  • Attend all trainings.
  • Desk staff members may take summer classes during a summer session. The number of classes allowed depends on the staff members.

Desk Procedures/Services  

The following are to be expected as common tasks one would perform as a summer desk staff person. A summer desk staff person would need a basic level of proficiency in these areas. Additional training would be provided to aid in learning these skills and expectations.

  • Communicate professionally with conference coordinators, hall directors, university offices and guests.
  • Assist with building preparation and administrative tasks with hall director(s) and the Housing and Residence Life office.
  • Have an awareness of Muncie Community in order to be able to give directions as well as identify local stores and restaurants for guests.
  • Accurate cash-drawer tracking including counting-in/counting-out and proper record keeping of incoming and outgoing funds via the desk log.
  • Follow protocol on tracking and logging conference and orientation specific items including special paperwork or regulations, lost and found, parking, etc.
  • Field information of repairs, refunds, parking needs, posting information, customer needs, etc. to its appropriate avenue to be addressed.
  • Have a knowledge of basic crisis/emergency response & intervention skills.
  • Skillfully manage the distribution, collection, and organization of keys.
  • Send communication to the appropriate staff member(s) in a timely fashion via in an appropriate method by taking detail-oriented messages in gathering relevant, pertinent information.
  • Utilize technology such as Microsoft Word, Excel, StarRez, When-to-Work, & Kronos in a productive and efficient way according to how one is trained on the systems.
  • Possess effective problem-solving skills.
  • Other duties could include assist with orientation check-ins, manning the luggage check stations, conducting pre & post room checks, making check-in packets, filing, answering phone calls, etc.

Shift Specific Duties

  • Opening - Open curtain and turn on lights/computers/printers.  Remove old signs in lobby area.   Unlock and count money drawer 
  • Every Shift - Count-in. Know who RT and director on duty are.  Read communication log.  Complete assigned tasks.  Clean/tidy the desk area. Count-out.
  • Closing – Communicate with RT about any issues or concerns. Count and lock the cash drawer.


  • Hourly pay rate is $7.25 for time worked.
  • Full Time Staff Member & Part Time Staff Member positions are available. Promotion opportunities may be available. Variance in work hours offered will depend on the week.
  • Full time staff members are offered between 21-40 hours a week.
  • Part time staff members are offered 20 hours or less a week with the opportunity to pick up shifts as they come available.
  • On-campus housing may be available at a reduced rate for temporary housing needs.
  • Opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience, administrative skills, and skills in personal interaction and growth.