I, _______________________________, accept the appointment as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls of Ball State University for the Summer 2017, and I understand that the following conditions are a part of this acceptance:

  1. This agreement is for Summer 2017. Employment as a Resident Assistant is contingent upon the approval of the Residence Hall Director and the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Reapplication is necessary for each subsequent summer of employment.
  2. The specific dates of employment are May 12, 2017 through July 23, 2017 for summer RAs in Studebaker East Complex.
  3. Resident Assistants may be required to work special holidays including Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, and Independence Day.
  4. I, as the Resident Assistant, or the Office of Housing and Residence Life, upon written notice, may terminate this agreement at any time during the period of the agreement. As the Resident Assistant, I must provide my supervisor(s) with at least one week notice if I choose to terminate the agreement. If termination occurs, I understand I am ineligible for summer housing, effective the date of termination.
  5. A RA’s services (opening/closing preparation, training, desk rotation, staff meetings, duty rotations, and/or other duties as assigned) will be compensated by the use of a single AC room, a $950.00 declining balance meal plan, a $1780.00 stipend paid in bi-weekly installments.
  6. A Resident Assistant is unable to be employed in any other capacity outside the Office of Housing and Residence Life.
  7. A Resident Assistant must live in the assigned residence hall they will work in during the summer.
  8. A Resident Assistant must remain on-campus and be available for RA duties and desk work a minimum of two weekends per month. The Office of Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to deny requests for time-off.
  9. A Resident Assistant must participate in training programs which are held throughout the term of summer employment. The Resident Assistant will attend all required special meetings and events.
  10. A Resident Assistant must participate in opening responsibilities and building closing responsibilities until the final date of employment.
  11. A Resident Assistant maybe required to serve as the duty/contact person as scheduled throughout the summer.
  12. A Resident Assistant must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher.
  13. A Resident Assistant may be enrolled in summer classes but have no more than 6 credit hours per summer session.  The Resident Assistant does not have to take summer classes.
  14. A Resident Assistant is expected to be a positive role model through personal example.
  15. A Resident Assistant is expected to respect the dignity of all individuals and refrain from language or behavior which would be incongruent with that respect.
  16. In accepting this contract, the Resident Assistant's loyalty, commitment, and fulfillment of expectation must be to Ball State University, the Office of Housing and Residence Life, and the Residence Hall Director and/or Assistant Residence Hall Director.

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