Communication Living-Learning Community

The College of Communication, Information, and Media Living-Learning Community is for students pursuing majors in the College of Communication, Information, and Media. Students living in this community can expect an environment that focuses on exploring the different majors and careers associated with communication, information, and media. 


  • Participate in community events to learn about the different majors associated with the College of Communication, Information, and Media, as well as student leadership opportunities
  • Become involved in radio, television, and print media contests
  • Develop leadership and activities (both within and outside of the living-learning community)
  • Network with faculty, upper-level students (including the academic peer mentor), advisors, alumni, and professionals in the communications world

Partners: To accomplish these goals, the Communication Living-Learning Community works very closely with the College of Communication, Information, and Media. In addition, the community partners with other campus departments like the Career Center and Academic Advising.


  • Advertising
  • Communication studies
  • Journalism
  • Journalism teaching
  • Telecommunications (Pre-TCOM)
  • Public relations


  • COMM 201 - Exploration of Communication Studies, 2 credit hours
  • COMM 210 - Fundamentals of Public Communication, 3 credit hours
  • JOUR 101 - Media and American Society, 3 credit hours
  • NEWS 105 - Journalistic Storytelling: Introduction, 2 credit hours
  • NEWS 108 - Foundations of Journalism: Great Stories and Storytellers, 1 credit hour
  • TCOM 101 - Foundations of Telecommunications, 3 credit hours

Programming: You may enjoy opportunities for hands-on experiences including meeting with professionals in the field, learning from fellow students, and gaining practical experience. This community also connects with faculty and staff members through programs such as the 24-Hour Movie Marathon, the 72-Hour Movie Contest, and the BotSwin Cooking Show.

Location: This community is located in Botsford/Swinford Halls in Johnson East Complex.