Design Living-Learning Community

The Design Living-Learning Community gives freshman students majoring in interior design to participate in discussions, gallery showcases, and field trips to meet with professionals in the field and live with others exploring the design world. Faculty members will assist freshmen in connecting with upper-level students, learning professional skills, and examining unique experiences within the community.


  • Build a support network with your peers in both the classroom and the community
  • Engage in activities that promote academic achievement such as discussions with faculty who will offer you extra support and guidance
  • Participate in community events while living among other dedicated students with similar academic interests and ambitions
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills through involvement in student organizations and activities (both within and outside of the living-learning community)
  • Develop networks with faculty, upper-level students, advisers, staff, and alumni in the design world

Partners: To accomplish our goals, the Design Living-Learning Community works very closely with the interior design program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and College of Architecture, and partners with campus offices including the Career Center and Academic Advising.


  • Art
  • Pre-art
  • Visual arts teaching
  • FCS Apparel design
  • FCS Fashion merchandising
  • FCS Interior design
  • CAP first-year (non-honors) and applicants/re-applicants (non-honors)


  • FCSID 101 - Rapid Visualization, 3 credit hours
  • FCSID 110 - Design Fundamentals, 3 credit hours

Programming: Students may choose to participate in tours of design companies, visits to art museums, student gallery showcases, in-hall advising nights, learning about internship opportunities, and more. This past year students visited the Sauder Manufacturing Company.

Location: This community is located in Brayton/Clevenger Halls in LaFollette Complex, and will relocate to the renovated Schmidt/Wilson Halls in Johnson West Complex when it reopens in fall 2017.