Emerging Media Living-Learning Community

The Emerging Media Living-Learning Community is open to all students pursuing any major who have an interest in exploring new technology and innovations in media.


  • Participate in community events to learn about new media and innovations that are changing the world we live in
  • Utilize the Emerging Media lab and studios with the latest audio-visual equipment, including
    • A green screen
    • Video and DSLR cameras
    • Macintosh computers with editing software
    • A flat screen television with Blu Ray DVD and surround sound system
    • Dry erase walls and more
    • Light and sound kits
  • Network with faculty and staff, upper-level students, and professionals on academic and personal projects

Partners: To accomplish these goals, the Emerging Media Living-Learning Community works closely with Digital Corps, Music Media Production, and the College of Communication, Information and Media.


  • Music media production
  • Any other majors


  • ENG 103 - Rhetoric and Writing, 3 credit hours
  • MATH 125 - Mathematics and Its Applications, 3 credit hours

Programming: Students will have opportunities to film and edit their own projects through events like the 72-hour film competition, student showcase, and annual film fest. In addition, students may interact with student and professional organizations and network with professionals and alumni.

Location: This living-learning community is located at Botsford-Swinford Halls within Johnson East Complex.