Nursing Living-Learning Community

The Nursing Living-Learning Community is dedicated to students in an academically rigorous program who are considering nursing as a career. Learning focuses more on a variety of issues, specialty areas, and careers related to nursing.


  • Gain a broad perspective of the career opportunities available in the nursing field
  • Learn the expectations and requirements for admission to the School of Nursing
  • Enjoy activities that deepen the academic experience
  • Meet with nursing faculty and professionals
  • Participate in tours of health care facilities and listen to speakers from a variety of areas in the field of nursing

Partners: To accomplish our goals, the Nursing Living-Learning Community works closely with the School of Nursing, Career Center, Academic Advising, and University Libraries.


  • Nursing (pre-nursing)


  • ANAT 201
  • CHEM 101 - General, Organic, and Biochemistry for the Health Sciences, 5 credit hours

Programming: Programs that students may participate in throughout the year includes Preparing for Admission into the School of Nursing, in-hall advising sessions, speakers and panels, community trips to hospitals and clinics, and learning more about the Ball State Student Nursing Association.

Location: Female students in the Nursing Living-Learning Community live in Wood, Brady, Crosley, and Rogers halls in Woodworth Complex while male students will live in Howick Hall in Noyer Complex.