Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines - Residence Hall Policy

The Office of Housing and Residence Life restricts access to residence hall facilities to residents and their escorted guests, and individuals conducting official university business. For those recognized Ball State University student organizations and activities, non-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises who wish to advertise in the residence halls the following guidelines have been established to assure our residents a safe and comfortable living environment as well as some degree of privacy.

Ball State University student organizations and activities, non-profit organizations, and commercial enterprises who wish to publicize events, services, or products in the form of a poster or flyer should send their materials to Cathy Bickel, associate director of Housing and Residence Life, or Peggie Love, secretary to the associate director, in LaFollette N-13 for official approval. Approved flyers and posters will be distributed to the residence halls and posted by hall staff. We recommend sending two flyers or posters per hall for a total of 70. If the advertisement is in the form of a coupon or souvenir we request that you provide 50 for each hall for a maximum of 1,750. We would appreciate it if the coupons or souvenirs were bundled in packages of 50 for easy distribution.

Organizations may also drop off flyers, posters, coupons, or souvenirs at the front desk of each residence hall for approval and posting by a hall staff. Again, we recommend a maximum of two flyers or posters and a maximum of 50 coupons or souvenirs per hall.

Only one posting per event is allowed. All ads or flyers received from commercial enterprises will be placed in a designated space reserved for such organizations. All ads or flyers received by campus affiliated organizations will also have a designated space in which publicity may be posted. All flyers and ads taken from commercial enterprises and campus affiliated organizations will be posted in their designated space within the common areas of the halls only. We will not post any information for non-residence hall affiliated events or activities on residence hall floors.

Priority in the common areas will be given to all Student Life-affiliated and recognized groups. The Office of Housing and Residence Life reserves the rights to not post ads or flyers that are not in accordance with the mission statement of the Office of Housing and Residence Life or Ball State University policies. Please note that items can not be placed in student mailboxes that are not specifically addressed to an individual.

Markings or postings on exterior surfaces of residence halls and complexes also are prohibited; this includes but is not limited to writing messages on sidewalks using chalk or tape.

Housing and Residence Life provides a board on each room door in some residence halls. Students who reside in these halls can ONLY post items on the board provided. Students are prohibited from affixing postings to any area outside of the board. Students should not affix any other boards to the door. Students may be held responsible for any damage to that results from a violation of this policy.

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