Helping students achieve academic success and personal growth through safe, comfortable, affordable, and diverse living and learning communities is our mission. We believe that living in the residence halls and eating at dining locations offering numerous choices is a good value, especially when you take into account all of the services automatically included in the room and board rates. These services range from computer labs and free Internet accessfitness rooms, a safe and secure environment, and much more.

You can sign up for one of two housing options for the academic year, or request summer housing online:

  • Standard Plan (one-year contract)
  • Premium Plan (two years at the current rate plus perks such as
     free parking, priority room sign-up, and more money for food)

Each year, a committee of staff members representing the university's Business Affairs and Student Affairs and Enrollment Services divisions meets to create a proposal for residence hall room and board rates for the coming academic year. The proposal is based on anticipated operating expenses, facility maintenance expenses, student programming needs, and other costs. The suggested rate is then proposed to the Ball State Board of Trustees for review and final approval. Room and board rates are the same for residents of Indiana and from other state. 

Housing and Residence Life and Ball State Dining are self-sustaining units and are expected to generate all revenue for both operational and capital improvement expenditures. They receive no taxpayer support. As stated in the Housing and Residence Life Mission Statement and the Dining Value Statement, both areas make every effort to operate in as cost-effective a manner as possible and work very hard to keep any annual rate increase to the lowest possible amount so room and board remains accessible to all students.