Since adopting a green cleaning practice, Housing and Residence Life now provides a better way to clean surfaces in our residence halls. Using the Lotus Pro cleaning system produced by Tersano, tap water is converted into a powerful, safe cleaning agent and sanitizer that can be used on floors, windows, bathrooms, and other common surfaces. After four hours, the cleaner turns back into tap water and is safe to discharge to the sewer system.

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings of 63% in reduction of cleaning products needed
  • Saves staff time by not needing to rinse surfaces
  • No harmful smells
  • No residue left behind like traditional cleaners
  • Safe for any surface, including carpets, glass, hardwood, appliances, etc.
  • No mixing of chemicals
  • Sanitizing capabilities that are more effective than bleach
  • Turns back to tap water after four hours, so it's safe for the sewer system
  • Fewer empty chemical bottles to send to the landfill

Watch our video to learn more!