Frequently Asked Questions

How can groups advertise on Movie Channel 55? 
Campus groups may advertise on Movie Channel 55 by filling out an advertisement request form with appropriate information. Download a request form or visit our office in LaFollette Complex, Room N-10. 

How do I find the movie schedule? 
There are two places to find the movie schedule—on the Web and on Movie Channel 55. Each month's schedule is available on the Movie Channel 55 Web and also is available a week in advance on Movie Channel 55.

Why are movies discolored? 
If the movies look discolored on your television, there are a variety of things to check. First, make sure the problem isn't with your television. Do you see a discolored screen on the other stations? The next thing to do after checking your television is to complete a work order at the Fix My Home area for a technician to check your cable cord and cable connection.

Why are the same movies shown month after month? 
Movies shown on Movie Channel 55 are leased under a contract that licenses the movies to be played for that month only. Because we are showing movies to multiple viewers in the halls and University Apartments (much like a movie theater), we are required to "rent" movies with special licenses for this purpose. These movies are much more expensive to rent through your favorite video store for only one household. Our current contract allows us 15 or 16 selections per month during academic semesters and eight  selections per month during the summer.

Why do movies begin at 4 p.m.? 
Movie Channel 55 begins movies at 4 p.m. because the majority of students have concluded their classes by that time. Beginning movies at this time also allows us to optimize the number of times and time of day that we play the selections. 

Why do movies sometimes just stop before the end? 
Unfortunately, sometimes movies cut off early because of human error. The scheduling software we use requires up to 10 programming functions per movie. If any one of those functions is incorrect, the movie may not play, may be cut off early, etc. Movie Channel 55 student technicians work hard to prevent such problems, but occasionally mistakes happen. 

Why does Movie Channel 55 broadcast G-rated kid movies? 
Movie Channel 55 plays G-rated films for the children of students who live in the University Apartments and for students who enjoy such shows. 

Why is Movie Channel 55 only available on campus? 
Movie Channel 55 is a service provided only for students living in the residence halls or University Apartments. It does not have the proper licenses to broadcast outside of the university.
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