Transitions Quiz: Making the Most of Residence Hall Life

Take the quiz below to see if you're getting the most out of your college residence hall experience.

1. How many people do you know on your floor besides your roommate?

    A. About five people. I say hi to them when I see them walking by.
    B. About 15-20 people. A couple are close friends now and we hang out all the time.
    C. I know almost everyone on my floor. I've made some amazing friendships!

2. When new people move in on the floor, do you:

    A. Not notice or care.
    B. Try to remember their names so you can say hi the next time you see them.
    C. Go knock on their door and introduce yourself.

3. What is the first thought going through your head when the RA invites you to dinner?

    A. "Am I in trouble again? Gotta think of an excuse."
    B. "Okay...if we can ever find the time."
    C. "Sure! How about this weekend?"

4. How often do you study with other people in your classes?

    A. I can't meet with them because they always study on the weekends, and I go home on the weekends.
    B. We've studied a couple of times. Maybe I should tell them so we can study for finals together.
    C. We meet every week to study. I love the fact that they live so close by!

5. What do you think about joining the Hall Council or creating a new student organization in your hall?

    A. I don't have time for it and I don't like politics.
    B. I've thought about it.
    C. I'm way ahead of you -- I've already met with the Hall Council president to discuss some ideas.

6. How many dining locations on campus have you tried so far?

    A. I stick to the one closest to me. It's all the same food anyway.
    B. I've only tried two. What other places are close by?
    C. Every week, my friends and I walk together to try a new dining hall! This week we're going to The Retreat for dinner.

If you answers continue to be A, then that's a good indicator that you're not making the most of your college experience. Going home on the weekends, avoiding your RA and floor mates, or not getting involved in your hall are all steps to take if you want a negative and unrewarding experience. What you put into an experience is what you'll get out of it.

So if you're complaining about "dorm life," ask yourself if you've really given it a chance. Chances are you haven't. But don't give up! There is still time to make your residence hall experience fun and rewarding. Try these ideas:

  • Have dinner with your RA or Hall Council president
  • Stay for the weekends and attend floor/hall events
  • Take time to get to know your floor mates

You can make this a fabulous experience if you give time and a positive attitude to it!

For those of you who answered mostly b and c, you're on the right track. Keep up the good effort!


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