Back to School, Back to Routine

Coming back to school after a fun holiday break may be tough. But you are starting new classes with a new schedule and new friends! Look for the positives in coming back to school. For example, what classes are you taking that spark your interest? Are you on the right track to graduation? Do you have to retake a class? Focus on the important things and making each day better than the last!

You will have a new routine because you are taking new classes. Be sure to make a schedule of your classes and what days you need to set aside for focusing on each class. If last semester was a struggle for you, try to find ways to make this semester a little simpler. If you didn’t do so well in your classes last semester, consider why you did not do so well and explore ways to prevent that from happening this semester.

Remember to stick to your schedule you create. You could make subtle changes this semester to your schedule than the one you had last semester. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Study in different places
    • Library
    • Study lounge
    • Laundry room
    • Residence hall
    • Friend's room
    • Your favorite dining location
    • Computer lab
    • Outside your hall on a nice day, by the duck pond (near LaFollette and Johnson Complex) or Cardinal Creek (near Park Hall and Studebaker West Complex)
  • Take a different route to and from class. You will see more of campus and you will not have to walk past the same things every day. You may see new faces and even meet a few new people.
  • Try to eat at every dining location on campus; trying the different foods available. You may go to Woodworth and get chicken one day, but maybe you go to the Atrium and get Chinese food the next day. Mix it up!
  • Make plans and look forward to them. If it is Tuesday and you have a lot of homework to complete, make a plan to bake cookies or take a walk with a friend on Wednesday after class. This will help you complete your work on Tuesday so you can enjoy your evening on Wednesday.

Remember, having a routine is a good thing! Have fun with your semester and be creative when making a schedule. If you are having any trouble or feel overwhelmed being back to school with new classes starting you can always talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). They would be glad to help you!

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