Spending Your Meal Plan

As it is the middle of the semester, it may be time to start spending your Dining Plus. Be sure to use every meal you are given. For example, if you have three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) try to use your meal swipe three times a day. Now, sometimes that may not be possible, but we want you to get more food for your money. We encourage you to spend the maximum amount of money you are allowed to have for each meal as well. Why waste what you paid for?

Your Dining Plus does not carry over into the next year, even if you plan on living in the halls again. If you have $50 left on your Dining Plus at the end of the year that money is not used. It gets thrown away, in a sense, and you don’t get it back. So try to spend every extra penny on your Dining Plus! If you’re not sure what to spend it on, here are some suggestions!

· Buy your siblings, cousins, parents, any family member some snacks or drinks

· Surprise your roommate with their favorite drink or candy bar

· Stock up on water or your favorite juice or soda

· Get yourself some snack foods to keep in your room for that late night craving

· Treat yourself to coffee on campus at Starbucks or a smoothie at Jamba Juice

· If you only get two meals a day, but you like to eat breakfast; stock up on cups of cereal and milk or pop tarts

Enjoy your meal plan! Spend it wisely and make sure you spend until it’s gone!



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