The Effectiveness of LinkedIn, presented by Cody Guarriello 

Improvisation For All Occasions, presented by Marissa Novak (President of the Theatre Education Club) 

The Power of Words: Working with others effectively, presented by Jody Owens (Graduate Advisor of Student Center Programs) 

Lighten Your Load: Stress Management Strategies, presented by Ryan Hess and Corie Loiselle-Hess (Center for Psychological Development) 

Brag About It: Branding Yourself through Social Media, presented by Chloe Anagnos (President of the Student Government Association) 

Moving Forward: Leaders Overcoming Adversity, presented by the Student Government Association President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and President Pro Tempore   

Leading 5 Generations to Be All that they Can Be:  A Focus on Generations X, Y, and Z, presented by Terry Wiedmer (Associate Professor, Teachers College)