Caribbean Students Association

Founded: October 19, 2006
The fundamental purpose of this association shall be to provide a social and intellectual forum for the celebration of Caribbean life and culture, deepen awareness of the relevant historical, socio-economic, and geopolitical issues facing the Caribbean, and promote the individual and collective development of all members. All members of the Ball State community are eligible for membership.

Students studying Caribbean literature, Caribbean cuisine, Caribbean geography, culture, and anthropology will find some of our activities helpful in their academic pursuits. The Caribbean is home to persons of African, Indian, Chinese, and European origins. Persons interested in the Indian and Chinese diaspora in the Caribbean, colonization, and emerging nation states will benefit immensely from conversations that deal with such issues. Many of our meetings will conclude with breaking bread or some Caribbean culinary delight.

For more information, e-mail us at Caribbean Student Association or visit our Web site.