InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Founded: January 1, 1990

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a nondenominational student ministry that has been present on Ball State's campus for more than 50 years. We seek to equip students with the tools necessary to integrate your faith into every part of your life and represent Jesus Christ to the campus. Bible Study, discipleship, evangelism and missions, as well as strong community are all elements that we value as important in learning to walk a life of faith. Every year, you will have an opportunity to attend training conferences and retreats, as well as, participate in community service. Please come and check us out! We meet every week for Bible Studies, worship and hanging out! 

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Leaders 2013-2014:
Student President - Bekah Crouch
Advisor - Roger Nelson, 765-285-8653
Religious Advisor - Brandon Shrock, 765-759-7481

Meeting Information:
Wednesday, 8:00-9:30 p.m. in the Atrium Studio Dining room