Founded: June 3, 2010

Web site:  www.bsuoasis.org

Providing hospitality to students of all backgrounds, the mission of The Oasis Campus Ministry is to open its doors as a home-away-from-home environment; giving students spiritual support and emotional guidance through Christian leadership in an open and non-judgmental way. We welcome all students to visit us and learn how we can connect together to build a genuine Christian presence in our community as we seek to live out the good news of Christ.

We have three foci:  Renew, Restore, Re-Form that helps define our mission:  We believe that every student needs a place in the midst of their college experience to find renewal, to get away from the daily grind and pressures of college life, finding a place to rest, meet with friends in a safe environment, and have the support of fellow Christians and a campus pastor to be available to them for spiritual guidance as well as a listening ear. Finally, we want to be a ministry with students to help them explore and grow in their spiritual formation/discipleship.