Student Government Association

Founded: January 1, 0001
Dues: None
Membership Requirements:
Application and election process

The Student Government Association is a student-run and operated organization that serves as the voice of Ball State students by advocating student concerns to faculty, administration, and the community, as well as to other students. The SGA also serves to appoint students to various University Senate committees dealing with almost all aspects of decision-making at Ball State such as Public Safety, Event Programming and Scheduling, Student Rights Ethics and Standards, and Teaching Evaluations. We recognize that Ball State University is an outstanding school with a diverse and unique student body. We know the students are what make this university great, and their involvement in student organizations is what truly makes an impact on campus. As the Student Government Association, we wish to be utilized by these organizations as a tool for communication and involvement. By building relationships among students and organizations, we hope to continue this student impact and provide a long-lasting legacy that will carry on well past our time here at Ball State. Majors: Open to any student on campus. For more information, e-mail Student Government Association, call 765-285-8631, visit the SGA Web site or stop by SC 112.