Students for Education Reform

Founded: February 24, 2014
Students for Education Reform (SFER) is a national student-led movement to end educational injustice. For too long, policymakers and powerful political interests have not heard our stories about the reality of the K-12 education system. As young people, we can tell stories of the truth of the present - and of the hope for a just future. SFER Ball State is one of three chapters in Indiana Students for Education Reform involves students in college discussing where education is progressing and lacking, picking causes to support, and trying to gain an active role in legislation.

The main pillars that we'll be focusing in on are: 1. Qualified Teachers 2. Meaningful Assessments for Students and 3. Funding We aim to close the achievement gap, empower student leaders, and create opportunities for pre-service teachers. Contact us at SFER e-mail, or visit our Web site.