Swing Dancing Society

Founded: February 10, 2000
  The Swing Society is a group full of swingers! No, not that kind of Swingers....the swing dancing kind! Lindy Hope, East Coast, Charleston...you name it, we've tried it! We like to share the swing dancing gospel in any way we can and we do it with a fiery, dancy passion.

Teaching lessons, having dances, traveling all over the Midwest, we are fervent in our preaching and will do it until the day we die, or at least until we graduate! We are very excited about new and veteran members and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! We have a Swing Society e-mail, a Facebook page and a Web site. Use those and keep updated on dances and events! We meet every Monday night at 8:30pm in the Student Wellness and Recreation Center.