Today's Black Women

Founded: October 14, 1999
Membership Requirements:
Attend 2/3 of the General Body Meetings held every Monday at 5:00pm.

Today's Black Women is committed to unifying Ball State students. Our focus is to educate the campus about issues that affect women's lives and create an environment of knowledge, growth, and awareness. Through the development of these experiences, Today's Black Women will have the opportunity to excel in academics, service, and self-improvement. Today's Black Women is dedicated to enhancing relationships. Students will rely on one another as a resource for empowerment in order to contribute to the impact women have on the campus, community and society as a whole. For more information, e-mail China Jones or Today's Black Women or visit the group page on Facebook: Today's Black Women President of the TBW.

Multicultural Center
325 N. McKinley Ave.
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

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