“Resensitize,” the first student-curated exhibit held in Ball State’s Atrium Gallery, was the result of three young women’s quest to leave behind oversized wardrobes and rediscover an appreciation of necessary consumption.

When junior Sarah Fischer, Hannah Combs, ’14, and Kelly McMasters, ’14, left in June for a six-week visit to Iceland, they did so with few clothes in their backpacks. Why travel to such an otherworldly country—one known for fire, ice, and elves (seriously)—to accomplish their objective?

In part, they wanted to appreciate the beauty of Iceland’s rugged landscape.

“It’s a country that’s like another planet—its nature is so much more respected and untouched than ours,” says Fischer, an Honors College student majoring in biology and printmaking. Iceland is also a haven for sustainable ideas and practices, such as clean energy andna history of wool production.

As they traversed the country, the three filled journals with notes, sketches, and photographs of the artists, farmers, and other locals they met.

Back home, they shifted into curating the one-week exhibit they debuted in January 2015. Along with their own artwork, the three included works of Icelandic artists they met and others worldwide who share their passion for sustainability.

Although many Icelanders take for granted the lushness of their surroundings, not all are as connected to their environment as the young women expected them to be.

“Discovering this reminded us our project never has an end,” Fischer says. “We’ll always be questioning our choices, considering our ecological impacts, trying to live consciously. And we’ll always try to inspire others to do the same.”