Emmis Communications

At the end of your last semester, you will attempt to conquer E-day.

This is one of the most intense experiences of any undergraduate program in the nation. E-day (short for "Evaluation day") is the final presentation of your business plan for the New Venture Creation course.

You will travel to downtown Indianapolis to present your business plan to a panel of our alumni and executives. These include bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, real estate moguls, CEOs, among others. On the upper floors of a skyscraper, you must convince these professionals that you are an expert on your business plan and that it is a viable model.

If your plan receives the stamp of approval, you receive an "A" for the class and continue to graduation two weeks later. If your plan is rejected, you fail the class and do not graduate.

Nationally recognized as the ultimate entrepreneurial experience, our New Venture Creation course gives you the chance to feel the entrepreneurial pressure. Entrepreneurs in the real world put everything on the line in order to be successful, so you do the same with a valuable milestone—your graduation.

This sets our entrepreneurship program apart from the rest. It is rigorous, challenging, stressful, and it comes with risk.  But when you succeed, when you hear the words "Congratulations, you've passed," you will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as you join our world class alumni.

Can you become one of them?