Critical Phone Numbers

Emergency Phone Numbers

Campus Resources
The following departments and programs can provide you with education and information about campus safety, alcohol-awareness programs, and university policies.

  • Counseling Center, (765) 285-1736
    Sponsors awareness programs and alcohol screenings for students

  • Dean of Students/Student Services, (765) 285-5343
    Answers questions and concerns about university policies, procedures, and services

  • Health Center, (765) 285-8431
    Provides medical assistance for students

  • Health Education, (765) 285-3775
    Provides peer education programs and library resources on alcohol and club drugs

  • Ombudsperson, (765) 285-1545
    Ensures that students receive fair treatment within the university system

  • Student Legal Services, (765) 285-1888
    Provides free legal advice

  • Office of Student Life, (765) 285-2621
    Provides alcohol education and awareness programs for student organizations and students