Asset Allocation Chart

Policy Asset Allocation

Growth Assets: Investments which are the primary source of investment return.

Global Public Equity: Stocks publicly-traded on markets anywhere in the world. Includes individual stocks selected by the underlying active manages and ETFs for passive exposure.

Global Private Equity: Investments in limited partnership funds that in turn invest in privately-held companies. Strategies include buyouts and corporate restructuring, venture capital, growth equity and distressed opportunities.

Risk-reduction Assets: Investments which stabilize the portfolio in volatile and down markets.

Global Fixed Income: Investments in bonds issues by governments and corporations in any global market, and includes currency positions held to manage currency risk exposure.

Absolute Return: Hedge funds and other low-leverage alternative strategies which produce good long-term return uncorrelated to other markets.

Inflation Protection Assets: Investments which protect the portfolio against the foundation's greatest long-term risk: inflation. Includes investments in real estate, natural resources, and commodities.