The Philanthropy Advisory Council (PAC) includes more than 800 attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance professionals, community and private foundation executives, and others who advise clients or donors regarding estate planning. 

Established in 1982, PAC is one of the largest and longest-standing professional advisory groups associated with a charity in the country! The aim of all our outreach efforts is to educate and inform advisors so that they may be prepared to serve the charitable interests of their clients. 

Of course, many of these clients plan gifts to Ball State—and many of our PAC members are alumni and donors too!

Membership to PAC includes many benefits, such as:

  • The Advisor, a print newsletter mailed monthly to members, which includes gift and estate planning technical information.
  • The PAC annual meeting provides members the chance to network with other professional advisors, learn more about changes or updates to laws concerning planned and charitable giving, earn continuing education credits, and more.
  • GiftLaw, Planned Giving Answers online are technical research tools where you can find answers to most questions about gift and estate planning provided for PAC members on our Web site.  It is updated regularly and includes a subscription to an e-newsletter when you sign up. 
  • PAC Steering Committee members meet twice each year to evaluate the PAC meeting and other outreach activities. They offer recommendations for improvement and share information about estate and charitable planning.

All of these benefits and more are provided to members of PAC at no cost. To become a PAC member, please fill out our PAC Membership Form.