Founded in 1984, Ball State University Foundation’s Philanthropy Advisory Council (PAC) is one of the largest and most established professional advisory groups associated with a charity in the country.  PAC consists of over 900 attorneys, accountants, financial planners, insurance professionals, community and private foundation executives, and other professional advisors primarily located in Indiana.  

The purpose of the PAC is to educate and inform advisors about estate and charitable planning issues so that they may be prepared to serve the charitable interests of their clients.  

The PAC Meeting, held annually on the Ball State campus, allows members to network, keep updated on the latest estate planning information, and earn continuing education credits.  The PAC includes a steering committee that meets once a year to evaluate the PAC Meeting and other outreach activities.  This group offers recommendations for improvement and shares information about estate and charitable planning. 

Currently, there are 14 dedicated members that serve on the PAC Steering Committee:

-Mrs. Polly J. Dobbs, Logansport, Ind.
-Mrs. Joyce A. Dulworth, Fort Wayne, Ind.
-Mr. Mark A. Ervin, Muncie, Ind. 
-Mr. David Forbes, Muncie, Ind.
-Mr. Daniel R. Gordon, Bluffton, Ind.
-Mr. Steven R. Hall, Indianapolis, Ind.
-Mr. Bradley W. Hulse, Indianapolis, Ind.
-Ms. Diane Hubbard Kennedy, Indianapolis, Ind.
-Mrs. Kelly K. Shrock, Muncie, Ind.
-Mr. Cory Spaulding, Muncie, Ind.
-Mr. Donald G. Stohler, Elkhart, Ind.

If you have interest in getting involved with the Steering Committee, please visit our Join page.