Beebes Provide for Grandchildren and Ball State with a Charitable Lead Trust

Waldo and Louisa Beebe wanted to provide for their grandchildren by creating a charitable lead trust. Beebes

"It's one way to make a future gift to your heirs while allowing Ball State to use the funding in the present," said Beebe.

Prior to creating the lead trust, Beebe and his late wife, Louisa, established the Otto W. Beebe Memorial Scholarship with a charitable remainder unitrust, funded by a gift of appreciated stock. This was done as a memorial to their son, Otto, a Ball State graduate who died in 2000 at age 60, and to provide financial assistance for their son's widow, Judith.

"Our daughter-in-law was pleased and surprised when we gave her the news," said Waldo. The Beebes designated their gift to support Ball State's University Scholars Fund, which provides scholarship money for students who possess exceptional academic abilities and leadership potential.