What does the Ball State Foundation do? 

We receive and are stewards of charitable gifts for the use and benefit of Ball State University. We invest and manage endowment funds for the perpetual support of Ball State.

What is planned giving and how does it benefit Ball State?

Planned giving is the thoughtful process of providing support for your favorite charitable causes in the context of your personal financial and estate planning. Planned gifts maximize available tax and financial benefits for you and/or your loved ones. Many planned gifts create permanent endowments for perpetual support of scholarships, academic departments, and faculty research.

Planned gifts include outright current gifts of cash and other assets such as stock, business interests, real estate, personal property (artwork, collections), and equipment. Some planned gifts such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities can pay income to you and/or your loved ones. You can leave a legacy with deferred gifts from your estate through a bequest in a will, trust, life insurance, or retirement plan. Our guide to planned giving will help steer you through the different opportunities you have to leave your mark on Ball State in a very significant way.

Have you ever received an unusual donation? 

We are willing to consider all types of gifts that may serve the educational mission of Ball State University, even unusual or out-of-the-ordinary gifts!

Once, a donor planned a specific bequest in her will of a valuable violin which is now used in the Ball State School of Music for instruction and use by students who cannot afford to purchase a violin. And one married couple donated a time share interest in a Caribbean resort that is auctioned during the annual Web site auction to benefit the Cardinal Varsity Club and Ball State athletics!

Another donor has deeded the remainder interest in a vacation home so that when she passes, the home will be automatically received by the Ball State Foundation. At that time, the home will be sold and the cash proceeds used to establish a scholarship fund for the benefit of Ball State students.

Companies as well as individuals have donated significant computer and laboratory equipment to the science departments, allowing important student and faculty research to be completed.

Gifts of automobiles may be made on behalf of the Ball State public radio and television stations. These automobiles are immediately sold with the proceeds used to pay for station programming costs.

University Libraries receives many gifts of rare books, manuscripts, historic documents, and papers. One donor has planned a gift of her collection of historic books used in Midwest classrooms in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Such books are valuable reference sources for student and faculty research.

Another loyal alumnus planned a gift of forested land that is used for biology, natural resources, and environmental sciences student and faculty field study. Learn more about some of the land that has been donated to and put to use by Ball State at the Field Station and Environmental Education Center Web site.

I've never thought about making a planned gift before. How can I learn more about the different type of giving options available?

Our guide to planned giving offers a multitude of information regarding different giving opportunities you have to leave your mark on Ball State through planned giving. And the foundation is staffed with experts who would be happy to talk to you in more detail about the best options for you. Visit our team page to learn more.