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Donor Advised Funds

We now offer a new way to accomplish your philanthropic goals and manage your charitable giving through a unique tool called a donor advised fund.

One of the most efficient charitable estate planning methods available, a donor advised fund will help you create a legacy of giving that can last for many generations. It will strengthen your ties with Ball State and provide a simple way to give back to the university and other charitable organizations that are important to you.

Created through Cardinal Funds, Inc., a philanthropic partner controlled by the Ball State University Foundation, donor advised funds work much like a charitable checking account. Your fund can be used to support various programs through the university, provide scholarships, or donate to charitable organizations. The convenient online dashboard helps you keep track of your account, make grant recommendations, and collaborate with friends and family.

Learn more about the Top 10 Reasons to Create a Donor Advised Fund, steps to establishing a donor advised fund, and how to navigate your online account.

Contact us for more information about Ball State donor advised funds or to view an online account demo page.