The Web-based account dashboard provides a way for you to research options for your charitable support, manage your grants, create new grants, check your account balance, and keep up to date with how your funds are really making a difference. Some of the various features of the dashboard include:

Announcements: Current notices are included in a global announcement section that anyone with a donor advised fund account will see upon logging in.

Navigation: This is the main component of the dashboard. It’s from here that you can look at specific opportunities for charitable giving, view a directory of charitable programs to which you can subscribe, read messages about your account, and edit settings to your user profile.

Your Charitable Accounts: This is a running total of the grants you’ve made, the funds that are left in your account, and other financial information. You can think of this as a bank statement you can quickly reference.

Recent Grantees: A list of the various organizations you’ve helped support with a charitable donation is included in this section. Clicking on any of the names will take you to the organization’s page. Listed at the bottom of that page will be the history of the grants that have been approved for that specific charity.

Search for Grantees: This acts as an internal search engine for your online account. Typing in the name of an organization you want to support will search a catalog of charities that match the description.

Subscribed Groups: You are able to receive updates based on your personal areas of interest by subscribing to groups. Groups are represented by colleges at Ball State, Greek organizations, clubs, and family funds. These groups not only have their own distinct pages with a description and contact information, but your subscribed group news feeds also appear on the home page of your account dashboard. Through subscribed groups, different causes and organizations within Ball State are able to connect with you personally by updating you on the progress they are making thanks to your contributions.