A contribution of your residence, farm, or vacation home is a smart, tax-wise way to make a significant gift to benefit Ball State. You can remain living in or using the property for life and, in addition, you will:

  • receive an immediate income tax deduction
  • avoid capital gains tax
  • receive estate tax savings for the value of the real estate
  • avoid the burdens of future distribution or sale of the property

How It Works

You contribute the qualified property through a deed and retain a life estate. The date of the gift is the date we receive the fully executed deed. A qualified appraisal is required. You are responsible for all maintenance, upkeep, insurance, and taxes. When you no longer need the property, we may sell the property or it may be usable for visiting guests or faculty or for other campus purposes.

Contact us for personal assistance and learn more about setting up a retained life estate.