A charitable gift annuity is an excellent way to make a contribution to Ball State and receive lifetime income for

Those associated with former Ball State University President John Worthen and his wife, Sandra, knew that retirement would not slow down this energetic couple. The Worthens knew that retirement would not change their long history of support for the university and the local community.
you and/or your loved ones. With a gift of cash, stock, or other assets, you get the satisfaction of making a significant gift to Ball State plus many other benefits including:

  • fixed, lifetime payments that are partially tax free
  • attractive payment rates
  • payments, to you and/or a loved one, now or in the future
  • an immediate income tax deduction
  • avoidance of capital gains tax
  • reduction of estate and gift taxes

How It Works

You make a minimum gift of cash, securities, or other appreciated property. Backed by the full assets of the foundation, a gift annuity is created with a simple contract. This type of gift provides immediate fixed payments for life for one or two persons at a recommended rate based on your age.

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