Waldo and Louisa Beebe 
wanted to provide for their grandchildren by creating a
charitable lead trust.

A charitable lead trust lets you make a significant gift to Ball State and, after a period of time, allows return of those donated assets to you or your loved ones.  In addition, this type of gift lets you:

  • fund the trust with a gift of cash, stock, or other assets during your lifetime or in a will
  • pass assets, such as stock, real estate, and family business interests, intact to your heirs
  • significantly reduce or eliminate estate and gift taxes when transferring to heirs
  • apply a deduction against gift or estate taxes
  • the Ball State Foundation may serve as trustee at a reduced cost

How It Works
A trust document is created, allowing you to contribute assets to a trust for a specified period of time. Ball State receives the income from the trust, and the assets are returned to you or your heirs when the trust terminates.

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