You may want to make a significant gift to Ball State but not give up the income that cash, securities,

To honor Phyllis Yuhas' work in international education, her mother, Gladys Nelson, bequeathed more than $700,000 to create a charitable remainder trust (CRT) with which Yuhas endowed the university with the Phyllis Ann Yuhas International Scholarship Fund.
real property, or personal property produces. A charitable remainder trust is a life income arrangement that can solve this problem and provide the following financial benefits:

  • lifetime (or a term of years) income for you and/or loved ones
  • professional investment management at low cost by the foundation
  • personalized investment portfolio
  • current income tax charitable deduction
  • avoidance of capital gains tax
  • reduction of estate and gift taxes

How It Works
You transfer assets, such as cash, stocks, or highly appreciated property, directly to the trust. A trust document is drafted according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules.

Payments (5 percent or more of the value of the trust) are made to one or more beneficiaries for life, or for a term of years, or both. Income payments are taxed according to IRS rules.

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