In this challenging fiscal year nationally and globally, investment returns totaled 3.4%. That’s well above the benchmark of -1.7% for 70% global equities and 30% global fixed income holdings. During the past 10 years of volatile markets, our investment returns have averaged 6.0%, with approximately the same return and less volatility than the 70/30 benchmark.

Foundation assets total more than $234 million. In fiscal year 2015 – the last year under management of advancement operations by the university prior to the foundation’s assumption of that role – alumni and friends made contributions of $12.5 million.  Total contributions since the foundation was established in 1951 total $432 million. Future gifts – such as bequests, life insurance policies, property, and life income plans – have grown to more than $96 million

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, along with our prudent investment policy and sound financial management, the foundation is a vital partner for the university, providing support in many areas. During fiscal year 2015, the foundation provided $14 million in support to the university. Since the foundation was established in 1951, total assistance to Ball State exceeds $357 million

The audit for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2015, has been performed by BKD, LLP, and a report is available upon request.