You have allowed students just like me to grow and cultivate ourselves into the leaders of tomorrow that we strive to be. I knew I wanted to attend a school that wouldn’t just hand me a slip of paper, but truly equip me with the ability to grow into an individual that can make a difference.

For me personally, I am incredibly ecstatic about the new College of Health. As a dietetics major, this new college will be imperative to my success as a healthcare professional. By always updating, improving and promoting resources and opportunities for students, you are keeping Ball State and its students competitive. 

Without your help I wouldn’t have been granted with the ample opportunities I have been presented with at Ball State. I have met professors that have instilled confidence in me and provided me with the stepping-stones I needed to be the person I am today. Thank you for allowing me to meet these role models that have equipped me and motivated me to go out and improve the world.

Jonathan Isbill, '18