One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned at Ball State is that kindness goes a long way. It is because of your kindness that I am able to continue my education at Ball State, and have the opportunity to find success in different areas of my life.  

 I knew I wanted to attend Ball State’s theater program after visiting Ball State and witnessing how kind all the students and faculty were. Through my time at Ball State I have made lasting bonds with roommates, classmates and other members of organizations I am involved in. It is because of your generosity that I have been able to create friendships with such amazing individuals. 

My passion for Ball State spreads into my job as a Cardinal Caller. As a caller I am able to directly impact the financial success of Ball State and its students. Seeing how your gifts have affected not only my education, but also other students', makes my job as a Cardinal Caller so much more for fulfilling. Thank you for your continued investment in Ball State.

Maggie Morgan, '17