Topics: Speakers, Teachers College

November 2, 2007

A nationally recognized author on education plans to speak at Ball State on Nov. 6.

Author Jonathan Kozol will visit Ball State to discuss his latest book, "Letters to a Young Teacher," at 8 p.m. Nov. 6 at Emens Auditorium. The presentation, "Public Education Under Attack: A Time for Fighting Back," is free and open to the public. It will last about 75 minutes. Kozol will stay afterward to sign copies of "Letters to a Young Teacher" and his 2005 book, "Shame of the Nation."

Though he often speaks in large cities, Kozol chose to come to Muncie because of Ball State's Teachers College.

"Under Dean of Education Roy Weaver, Ball State has become one of the most important teacher-education schools in the U.S.," Kozol said.

Weaver was enthusiastic about Kozol's  second visit to Ball State.

"He's historically been an outstanding education analyst and critic," Weaver said. "He's a person who has a good pulse on the nation, the nation's schools and the demands on schools from society and the government."

Kozol's work focuses on low-income people and minorities and what he considers the nation's failure to educate them adequately. He hoped that students will find his lecture eye-opening.

"I hope they will recognize that teaching children of low income represents the front line of democracy," he said.

Weaver agreed.

"I have known Jonathan for nearly 30 years and know that his views will challenge some," Weaver said. "But that will be healthy, since engaging in dialogue and debate is the soul of a university."

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